GARMONBOZIA spreads Metal & Rock music over France since 1998 !

Founded back in 1998 on the ashes of HEIC NOENUM PAX, GARMONBOZIA is the company of a music lover, Fred CHOUESNE. With now 20 volonteers and 3 employees, the Team is 100% dedicated and passionate with Music, and especially Metal, Rock & Jazz. We are proud to be described as both professional and welcoming.


> Exclusive Booking Agent for France for more than 100 bands.
> French Promoter (especially in Paris, Rennes & Nantes) with more than 900 shows produced.
Agent of the French Post Black Metal band “The Great Old Ones”.
Agent of the French Raw Thrash Metal act “Hexecutor”.
Tour Producer (Entombed in 2008, Septicflesh in 2009 & 2011, Shining (Sw) in 2015, The Great Old ones in 2017 & 2019)
Local promoter for MAGMA in our hometown (Rennes).
> We also built over the years a strong & friendly relationship with french festivals such as Hellfest, Motocultor, Sylak, Fall of Summer (RIP), Xtreme Fest, Rock Your Brain …

We are also proud to have produced ALICE COOPER in 2011 and Ray Manzarek & Bobby Krieger of THE DOORS in 2012 in Rennes.

Every 5 years, to celebrate our anniversary, we put up successful 2 days festivals. Last ones occured in 2003, 2008, 2013 & 2018 in Rennes. 

20035 years – 2 days, 2 venues in Rennes (Antipode & Ubu) :
Opeth + Satyricon + Samael + Cathedral + Khold + Madder Mortem + Ellipsis + Beleg Eus Fall
(Samael & Cathedral had to cancel their shows due to strikes from entertainment workers)

2008 10 years – 2 days, 2 venues in Rennes (Cité & Antipode) :
Morbid Angel + Napalm Death + Kataklysm + Marduk + Suffocation + Warbringer + Arsis

2013 15 years – 2 days at L’Etage, Rennes :
Coroner + Wardruna (1st show in France) + Napalm Death + Rotting Christ + Hail Of Bullets + Sadist + Awol & Stormcore (reunion show) + Shining (NO) + Benighted + Xentrix (1st show in France) + Bodyfarm (1st show in France) + Gorod + Twilight Of The Gods + Trepalium + New Assholes + Voight Kampff + Negura Bunget

201820 years – 2 days at L’Etage, Rennes :
Carcass + Enslaved + Amenra + Master’s Hammer (1st show in France) + Vader + Entombed AD + Tormentor (1st show in France) + My Sleeping Karma + Stoned Jesus + Bömbers + The Great Old Ones + Misanthrope + Insanity Alert + The Vintage Caravan + Hexecutor + Somali Yacht Club

Be ready, 25th anniversary is coming soon!

Pic by E.L.P-Photo (Elie Lahoud-Pinot Photography)


– The name “Garmonbozia” comes from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, of whom Fred Chouesne is a huge fan. The “Garmonbozia” having the appearance of a creamed corn is supposed to feed the spirits of the Lodges.

– The lizard on our Logo is a reference to Jim Morisson (The Lizard King). THE DOORS is one of Fred’s favourite band of all time.

– The first show organized by Fred Chouesne was “Enthroned, Iconoclasm & Darkseid” on February 1998 at the famous “Les Tontons Flingueurs” venue (RIP) in Rennes.

– Garmonbozia produced Underground Society’s first album “Dreadful Days” (French Hard Core Band) under the name of Heic Noenum Pax.